César Vallejo

César Vallejo

With all-round training in Multimedia Applications and Communication, he has formed part of the TVE staff since 2003. He was assistant director of cultural programmes of La 2 (Miradas2, Cámara Abierta, Zoom Net and Zoom Tendencias), winning the prize for Best Communicator in 2008. In 2012, he joined the original team of Laboratorio de RTVE (lab.rtve.es), where he researches new narratives associated with the development of TV products, especially in the field of documentaries. In 2014, he also made several TV documentaries. His documentary Revelando a Dali won various prizes, including the Golden Dolphin award at Cannes.


Previous activities

Kosmopolis 15

Online Narratives in The Media

Ricard Marfà (Ara Interactius), César Vallejo (Lab RTVE), Ferran Clavell (TV3 – Mitjans digitals). Moderator: Carles Sora (UPF)