Tina Vallès

A writer, translator and proofreader, winner of the Maria Àngels Anglada 2018 award for her latest novel, La memòria de l’arbre.

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Tina Vallès (Barcelona, 1976) holds a degree in Catalan from the University of Barcelona and is the author of two novels and various short stories. She is also co-editor of the stories website Paper de Vidre and a regular contributor to the digital newspaper Vila Web.

Vallès has published various books of short stories for adults: L’aeroplà del Raval (2006), Un altre got d’absenta (2012) and El parèntesi més llarg (2013, Mercè Rodoreda Prize). She also writes stories for children, such as Bocabava (2016), Totes les pors (2016), La marieta sense taques (2017), Crec (2017) and Erra (2018); some of which have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. She made her debut as a novelist with Maic (2011). She recently published her latest novel La memòria de l’arbre (2017), for which she received the Llibres Anagrama Prize and the 15th Maria Àngels Anglada award in June 2018. La memòria de l’arbre will shortly be published in six different languages.

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