• On W.G. Sebald’s Radicalism

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    On W.G. Sebald’s Radicalism

    13 .04 .2015 - Uwe Schütte

    Uwe Schütte met W.G. Sebald in 1992 when he arrived at the University of East Anglia as an MA student, eventually becoming Sebald’s doctoral student. He has published a number of articles and books on Sebald’s wide-ranging body of work . Schütte’s latest publication, the first in-depth study on his former adviser’s critical writings appeared in November 2014, is entitled Interventionen. Literaturkritik als Widerspruch bei W.G. Sebald. In this essay he examines the idiosyncratic radicalism underwriting Sebald’s views on German politics, post-war society and the academic discipline of German Studies.