Kosmopolis 19

Round table

Creative Artificial Intelligences

With Anna Giralt Gris (docupraxi), Carme Torras (CSIC-UPC) and Lali Barrière (UPC). Moderator: Carles Sora (UPF)

Stories Lab

  • Saturday 23 March, 17.00 - 18.30
  • Auditorium
  • Free

Augmented, simulated, supplanted or artificial creativity? What is the term we use to refer to stories, poems, music or even paintings created using algorithms, neural networks or other artificial intelligence processes? Will we continue to consider art as the only genuinely human domain in which machines will never be able to surpass us? At a moment when artificial intelligence has made a major leap in its creative applications, we wish to create a space for debate as to the nature of automated artistic creation. We share a stage with scientists and artists who are experts in artificial intelligence, philosophy, literature and robotics. And we test the public’s ability to distinguish which works have been created by humans and which by algorithms.