Kosmopolis 17


Green Slam. International Poetry Slam Competition

Clotilde de Brito, Dani Orviz, Laura Sam, Raquel Lima, Toby Campion, Salva Soler, Simone Savogin, Crisal, Jose Luis Cabeza and Dive Dibosso

The Literature of (Climate) Change

  • Friday 24 March, 22.00 - 23.59
  • Hall
  • 3 €

Poetry Slam Barcelona is celebrating the third edition of Grand Slam Barcelona at Kosmopolis, an international oral poetry contest that welcomes the world’s leading poetry slam exponents back to the city to compete alongside regular slammers at the CCCB’s monthly championship. Three minutes, no props, no music—voice, poetry and interpretation are all the means participants have to convince the jury that their performance is the best.

Another unforgettable night, where public and poets come together in their love of the word that knows no boundaries of place or language, this time revolving around climate change, one of the core themes of K17.