Kosmopolis 23


Chadia Arab, Hicham Houdaifa, Yasmina Naji, Kenza Sefrioui, and Mireia Estrada

Paving the Way for Freedom

Morocco Special

  • Saturday 28 October, 17.00 - 19.00
  • Mirador
  • 3 €

In a country where full freedom of expression is denied, bold voices, those that question and refuse to keep silent, use words that pave the way. They investigate, ponder, analyse, understand, make proposals, and publish. In their essays, their research, their studies, and their reports, expression finds ways to be free. They are the protagonists of a slowly approaching change, and Kosmopolis would like to be their loudspeaker.

In this double session, four essential voices on the contemporary literary and cultural scene in Morocco, Chadia Arab, Hicham Houdaifa, Yasmina Naji and Kenza Sefrioui, discuss the country’s current situation, the challenges it faces and the many cultural projects that have flourished in recent years. Mireia Estrada Gelabert, cultural manager with a particular interest in Morocco, moderates the talks.

—Moroccan social reality
Chadia Arab and Hicham Houdaifa
17-18 h

—An artistic portrait of Morocco
Yasmina Naji and Kenza Sefrioui
18-19 h