Crimes, Politics and Music: the series of Canal+ come to Kosmopolis

Eva Rexach (K Team)

05 March 2015

From Olive Kitteridge to Game of Thrones, from Borgen to True Detective, Sunday 22nd is the series day at Kosmopolis. The best literary series explained by writers, publishers, musicians and fans.

In 1982, the wife of Robert Durst disappeared without trace. In 2000, a key witness in the case is murdered. A year later, police discover the dismembered body of a Texas farmer. The three crimes all point to a single person: the eccentric millionaire Robert Durst, who, today, continues to walk free around the streets of Harlem.

Also in New York, Rodrigo is a young orchestra conductor prepared to take Mozart out onto the street and break the rules of classical music, as he confronts his predecessor in the position.

Olive Kitteridge lives her life in New England with a scrutinising view. She is a sad, unfriendly and strict retired teacher, feared by her neighbours and yet she is a person who hides a delicate soul. Her story is based on a tale by Elizabeth Strout, whose homonymous novel won the Pulitzer Prize in 2009.

At the other end of the country, in Portland, Oregon, a racist, sexist policeman is the only person capable of resolving the most complex of cases, as they emerge from the mind of Swedish writer and criminologist Leif G. W. Persson.

Borgen, Canal+

Borgen, a Danish political drama series shown by Canal+

Continuing in Nordic lands, Birgitte Nyborg becomes Danish prime minister: her ideals and her way of managing power will be affected by the intrigues, the scandals, the tricks and the conflicts of high politics.

The Jinx, Mozart in the Jungle, Olive Kitteridge, Backstorm and Borgen are all good examples of modern-day series. The best fiction from HBO, FOX, Amazon Series, Danish public television and the BBC, which Canal+ offers on its series channel and which will form part of the television marathon that is being prepared at Kosmopolis for Sunday 22 March and during which some episodes will receive a premiere screening.

Series Sunday

This day-long session devoted to literary series is one of the new features of this year’s edition of Kosmopolis, the result of a special agreement with Canal+. Throughout the entire day, publishers, writers, artists and series buffs will visit the festival to talk about the worlds of fiction. Journalist Carles Bosch, police detective and writer Marc Pastor and bloggers Betu Martínez and Víctor Sala of Serielizados will be putting into context SERIAL, a podcast that has kept an entire country on tenterhooks; Aniol Rafel, publisher of Edicions del Periscopi, will discuss the beginnings of The Leftovers, based on the novel that gave rise to the series; Enric Ros and Raquel Crisóstomo will offer an advance of the book that they have coordinated for Errata Naturae on Mad Men; and also based on a book is Olive Kitteridge, which will be presented by Laura Baena of Edicions de 1984.

Escríbeme una serie, Canal+

Escríbeme una serie, a production by Canal+

Furthermore, the bloggers of Serializados and Enric Ros will be repeating together with film critic Pep Prieto to talk about political series; the creators of series Aitor Gabilondo and Javier Olivares, together with journalist Isabel Vázquez, will tell us what lies behind a series after the screening of Escríbeme una serie, a Canal+ production on Spanish screenwriters, showrunners and producers; Ivan Pintor will dare with the television horror of True Detective; and three poets, Luna Miguel, Unai Velasco and Sergio Espinosa, will combine series and poetry with the recital of a selection from the Serial anthology born based on the Red Wedding of Game of Thrones. Furthermore, we will also have the girls from Girls, Filmin will bring us the adventures of doctor and detective Quirke, from the pen of Benjamin Black, and the Series that came from the cold will welcome in the spring.

And guess what? All of this will be free of charge.