Narine Abgaryan

Born in Armenia and writing in Russian, Narine Abgaryan portrays the nuanced character of Armenia today.

©︎ Anna Danilova

Magically moving from humour to seriousness, from tragedy to lyricism, the writer Narine Abgaryan has constructed a narrative universe that accurately and proudly portrays the Armenia where she grew up. A specialist in Russian language and literature she is a well-known author in Moscow where she resided for many years. In 2020, she returned to Armenia, seeking an ever-elusive peace, and hoping to settle there. She has been living in Germany since 2022.

Her literary work, in Russian, consists of novels and short stories. Originally written in Russian (2015), her Three Apples Fell from the Sky (Oneworld Publications, 2020) was published in Catalan (I del cel van caure tres pomes) by Comanegra in 2021. Widely acclaimed, this novel received the Yasnaya Polyana Award for the original version, as well as the Valencian Writers Critics Award and the NoLlegiu Prize for the translation by Marta Nin into Catalan. In 2023, Navona published the book in Spanish. Also in 2023, her novel Симон (Simon) in which Abgaryan takes readers to Berd, the village of her birth and wellspring of all her literature, was published in Catalan as El mar terra endins.

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